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Steps in The Home Buying Process

Decide where you want to live!

Use the Internet to research areas/neighborhoods. Determine which areas/neighbors that best fit your lifestyle

Use the Internet to select properties within those areas/neighborhoods for viewing

Select a local REALTOR® to guide you

Participate in an initial counseling session with a REALTOR®. Share lifestyle considerations/needs/wants/desires

Get pre-approved for financing

Mortgage programs are not all the same. We can recommend a mortgage company that is right for you

Inspect/Evaluate/Compare each property. With the assistance of your REALTOR® write up and submit an offer. We'll help you package the offer so you are the best prospect to the seller

Empower your REALTOR® to negociate on the offer and counter offer(s)

Upon acceptance of the offer...

Submit loan application (if not already submitted).

Order inspections: property, termite, water, sewer, electrical, wind, mitigation, etc.

Order an insurance estimate and ask what inspections they require

Order title work

Review the closing disclosure with your REALTOR® the day before closing

Conduct a property walk-through. Create a list of items that need attention

Have utilities transferred over/turned on

Attend the closing and move into your new home!

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